01 Aug

There is an amazing trend of changes taking place in our world.  Therefore, educators must be willing to shift as well with these changes. That is what the video “21st Century Education in New Brunswick” produced by New Brunswick School District is all about.  The core message is to awaken teachers to a new way of thinking about how our students will function in this fast paced world immersed in technology.  In the words of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “This isn’t Kansas anymore, Toto.”

One new concept that shook me up a bit was that there will be about 20,000 years worth of growth in the next century.  So much has changed over the last 10-20 years.  I remember the excitement of being able to record tv on a VCR so I would not be able to miss a show.  Now, VCRs are nearly obsolete.  I remember the wonder of getting a cordless telephone letting you go anywhere in the house while talking.  Now phones go with us everywhere and can take pictures, record memos, play music, and connect to the internet. WOW!  My favorite pasttime has always been books.  Books fill shelves and shelves of cases in my home.  I now have an ereader where I can shelf my books and carry the in my purse.  With all of this change and more on the way as we rapidly grow and improve our world, my mind is baffled at what can possibly happen next 10 years. The world will be a different place for my children, and will change even more for my grandchildren. INCREDIBLE!

My mind is spinning while reflecting on this video.  My teaching must follow the trend so that the content of my lesons remain relevant to my students.  Teaching today’s 21st century student is challenging because our content changes along with the delivery.  Some of us are getting used to using email on a regular basis, but now our students are using twitter and facebook instead.  Educators must keep up.  Our job is to prepare our youth for a successful future.  We must learn to adapt so that our students can adapt easily to the changes in technology, business, and living that they face in their future.

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