On Being Noble

25 Jul

Vicki Davis has given teachers a significant challenge to educators in her post called “Hey- I’m not messing up– I’m Learning” on Cool Cat Teacher Blog.  She is inspirational as she reminds all educators that we are noble people and we must act like it even in the face of finger pointing, cynics, and difficult situations.

I found the concept of being a noble person as a teacher interesting.  I also found it interesting that Vicki found it important to discourage the nay-sayers in education.  She must feel as I do.  I believe that many teachers spend a good bit of time complaining and unfortunately it has given public education a poor public opinion of what is actually happening in the classroom.  There are some wonderful thing taking place from some noble teachers in the face of some adverse circumstances.

I was able to relate to the article and felt that I was one of the people she referred to when she says,  ” we let those derelicts who should be fired hang on and sap the lifeblood and productivity out of our organization and we fire the trailblazer for the one mistake not realizing that person is a ‘go getter’ and one who really gets things done.”  Now, I have never been fired or even close to it.  However,  I do know what it is like to be in a position of needing to explain my thoughts and actions frequently because I don’t mind taking risks in order to find new and improved methods of teaching.

It is my conclusion that like Vicki, we as teachers must continue to hold our heads up high and focus on what we do because it is in our hearts and not in our pocketbooks.  Hopefully as we continue to press positively forward, teachers will be esteemed for their contributions to society as a blessing instead of a nuisance.


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