We Log In… We Learn

17 Jul

The assigned article reading, “I Heard Them Say Love is the Way” at Miss Night’s Marbles is a sweet reflection of a kindergarten class involved in the wonderful world wide web of learning.   It describes a class project involving Twitter in the classroom between classes in Cananda and Indonesia.  Students work together on research questions about each others’ lives in another part of the world. A flurry of learning has erupted within this Canadian classroom as a result of social networking between five year old students. 

I first noticed that the teachers took great care in protecting the safety of the children.  I like how they created a fictitious character that represented their classroom for privacy purposes. I love how this teacher has taken technology to the youngest students.  How many teachers would even think about using Twitter with kindergarten students?  I also admire that this teacher has met several objectives using technology.  She has students journaling, graphing, making videos, creating a Prezi,  and learning Science and Social Studies.  I believe what this teacher is most proud of is not the educational standards that she has met in such an exemplary way, but she has expanded their thinking.  They are seeing the world through another set of eyes.  With all of the books, pictures, and talks about Indonesia; this teacher could not have given her students more educational benefits plus a life lesson in empathy than she has through Twittering in the classroom.  In summary, this article is a lesson to educators that technology is about learning…and so much more!

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