Growing Up With Technology

11 Jul

      Cheryl Oakes has written a blog Through My Students’ Eyes that takes us on a technology tour of what school can be like for a digital native.  She cleverly moves the reader from kindergarten to high school in classrooms that embrace technology.  For each year, she writes from the point of view of the student expressing how they might feel working with technology in the classroom.  She shows how incorporating technology begins with incremental steps from the youngest students to the oldest.  She also includes possible reflections that each student may have as a result of being in these classrooms.

            School shifts into a whole new paradigm when educators choose to incorporate technology into the classroom.  It is a way to reach today’s student which has been dubbed as a digital native.  Reading through each reflection, I saw how each classroom draws their students in actively engaging them in the content with technology.  I also found it interesting from third grade and above, students are more and more involved in some type of social media.  Embracing social media for older students in the classroom can remove the boredom blues.  I found it significant that by the time students get to high school they become a bit cynical if they are not involved with available technology.  It makes me wonder what would happen to our education system if all educators embraced technology in the classroom.

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